May 21, 2024

Celebrating Success: Weekend Highlights from Stephex Stables

This past weekend was a remarkable one for Stephex Stables, with our talented riders delivering impressive performances at three prestigious events: Bourg-En-Bresse, Peelbergen, and Wiesbaden. Here’s a detailed look at their outstanding achievements.

Bourg-En-Bresse Highlights

Our riders Kendra and Zoé made their mark at the Bourg-En-Bresse event with remarkable performances across various classes:

  • Zoé and Ravaline Van Het Groeshof impressed everyone with a clear round in the 1m30 class.
  • In the CSI 4* 1m50, Zoé rode to a fantastic 6th place finish with Enrico De La Pomme.
  • Kendra showcased her skill in the 1m40 class, securing a 4th place finish with Lot Sport.
  • The highlight of the weekend was Kendra’s remarkable victory in the 4* Grand Prix with Do It Easy, underscoring her exceptional talent and competitive spirit. 🥇

Peelbergen Performances

Michael and Petronella represented Stephex Stables at Peelbergen, delivering strong results in the Longines EEF Series:

  • Michael and Queen Quality delivered a flawless round in the 3* 1m40, clinching a 3rd place. 🥉
  • Riding Legolas Ter Wilgen, Michael secured a 5th place finish in the 1m45 class.
  • Petronella and Olympke van’t Merelsnest earned a solid 6th place in the 1m40 class.
  • In the 8YO class, Petronella rode Eden Jeleena Dr Z to a 4th place.
  • The crowning achievement was Petronella’s victory in the CSIO3* 1m55 Grand Prix with Odina van Klapscheut. 🥇
  • Michael and Kashmir Van D’oude Pastory delivered a double clear round in the CSIO 3* Nations Cup.

Wiesbaden Wins

Daniel and Emilie delivered remarkable performances at the Wiesbaden event:

  • Daniel and Ellabelle de Rie Z secured the 2nd place in the 1m50 class. 🥈
  • Emilie and Portobella v/d Fruitkorf achieved a remarkable 2nd place finish in the 4* 1m50 LR, demonstrating their consistent skill and determination. 🥈

The weekend’s results are a testament to the dedication, hard work, and talent of our riders and their incredible horses. We are immensely proud of Kendra, Zoé, Michael, Petronella, Daniel, and Emilie for their performances and the remarkable spirit they bring to every competition. Congratulations to all our riders and their teams for their achievements this weekend!

Celebrating Success: Weekend Highlights from Stephex Stables Stephex stables

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