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Eager to bring the sport to the top and to promote the high-level, Stephex is now selling the semen of its stallions.
From yesterday’s great performers to today’s superstars, discover and order now the top genetic of our horses.

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Scuderia 1918
Halifax van het Kluizebos

The Emperor of Rome!

Scuderia 1918 Halifax van het Kluizebos is by far the most successful son of the legendary Heartbreaker.

In 2017, his dominance on the international scene was so impressive, he was elected “Horse of the year” by the WBFSH. A year later, his genius was underlined by winnig the GP of Rome. Scuderia 1918 Halifax van het Kluizebos is bred out of Belgium’s most acclaimed damlines, Quinette Ut, that produced amongst others Bentley and Souvenir van de Heffinck, just like Quel Homme and Quelle Dame van de Heffinck.

Exceptional sharpness, unrivaled winners mentality and a body built after the highest demands of modern sport, is what Scuderia 1918 Halifax van het Kluizebos has to offer.

Scuderia 1918 Tobago Z

The Superstar of Today!
The Legend of Tomorrow!

A stallion can only pass on what he has got himself. And Scuderia 1918 Tobago Z has it all!

His direct relatives are all top performers. His dam, Whoopie C, was a successful 1.60m horse under Yves Vanderhasselt and who was praised for her extreme reflexes and quality. His sister, HH Donatella travelled the world with Quentin Judge and Paola Amilibia. However eventually everything came together in Scuderia 1918 Tobago Z.

He was the most successful horse of the 2018 GCL, in 2019 three times podium finisher of a GCL Grand Prix, the World cup Season 2018/2019 was dominated by one horse only: Tobago Z, he won the WC of Madrid and Bordeaux and finishes 3rd in Amsterdam and 4th in Leipzig. Thanks to his unbelievable quality he also finishes 4th during the World Cup Finals, 2nd during the majestic GP of Aachen and 2nd during the Europeans in Rotterdam with the German Team.

When genetics predict results and results confirm genetics, the circle is complete with Scuderia 1918 Tobago Z.

George Z

3 / 9

The Freak!

George Z is a direct son of the sensational Usha van’t Roosakker. This breeding miracle first got praised for her performances in showjumping. However it was only until her first offsprings excelled in the sport that Usha displayed the exceptional genetic potential! Her sons and daughters show the same genetical power, making them the world’s most desired horses.

George Z, being a son of Kannan and Usha, is the full brother to the GP winner Babbe van’t Roosakker of Michel Hecart and he’s a half brother to Cella who, with Ben Maher, won team gold and individual silver at the Europeans in Herning.

However, genetics mean nothing without results. In 2019, as a 7years old, George Z jumped 24 international rounds of which he produced 18 clear rounds and was placed 13 times!

George Z is the prime example of topsport breeding!


4 / 9

The Olympic Champion!

Very rarely has a horse touched so many people as Hickstead, the stallion who died as a Champion and was born as a Legend. 28 international victories, 5 medals at the big championships and Grand Prix wins in Aachen and Spruce Meadows made Hickstead immortal. 

His presence, untamable fighting spirit and unparalleled carefulness made Hickstead an icon of the modern sport. A new generation is coming and is stepping out of their father’s shadow.

Horses like Bianca du Lys with Marie Hecart, Fyenda P of Alex Gill and the highly talented Hickstead White of Gestüt Sprehe, suggest that the story of the Beijing Olympic champion is far from over. Meanwhile, Admara II, bred out of a sister of Hickstead, proves that the genetics behind this showjumping miracle, are based on a very solid foundation.

Erco van’t Roosakker

5 / 9

Muscles from Brussels!

Erco van’t Roosakker is the most established breeding stallion of the Stephex Stallions collection.

With already 10 offsprings performing at 1.55m level or higher in the last year. His offspring are all promising top quality like Iceman de Muze, Iphigenia de Muze and Important de Muze who are performing on 5* level shows.

Erco van’t Roosakker combines the world’s most proven blood with Darco, Kannan and Chin Chin.
His mother is the GP winning Babbe van’t Roosakker, herself a daughter of breeding legend Usha van’t Roosakker.

Telstar de la Pomme

6 / 9

The Black Panther!

Born out of the sister of Mylord Carthago and Bamako de Muze and brother to three international 1.60m horses, Telstar de la Pomme is known as a French stallion. 

He is the son of two purebred championship stallions who themselves guarantee championship horses, Nabab de Reve and For Pleasure.

His sporting career has been delayed, which means that he is not yet a well-known name among the big public. However, with Jonna Ekberg he’s back on track. His oldest offspring are 7 years old but the first are already active at 1.45m level, all born in France!

Oak Grove’s

7 / 9

Baby Jet!

Oak Grove’s Heartthrob gives you a genetic potential as rarely been seen. 

Heartthrob is a direct son of Heartbreaker. After Scuderia 1918 Halifax van het Kluizebox, Stephex Stallions puts another bet on the much-sought blood and quality infusion.
Mother Annatou Z is a product of Leon Melchior’s proven Ramiro Z x Almé Z-combination, here via Artos Z and Ramiro Z.

Grandmother Rinnetou Z was a multiple World Cup winner under Piet Raijmakers. Rinnetou Z was a sister of Zalza who developed an international career with Nick Skelton. 
Rinnetou Z has a whole series of top offsprings. Best-known is without a doubt All Star, winner of team gold with Denis Lynch at the European Championships in Götenborg. They also won the 5* Grand Prix of Barcelona and the Nations Cup of Sankt Gallen. Another grandson in Fairness Hero, named after his legendary ancestor Fairness III Z! Fairness Hero jumps at 1.50m Grand Prix level with Guillaume Foutrier.

Replay van’t Paradijs

8 / 9

The Flying Kid

Belgium’s finest! Replay van’t Paradijs comes from the best Belgian bloodlines. His father, Bamako de Muze, is the son of two champion producers: Darco and Fragance de Chalus, dam of stallions Mylord Carthago, Norton d’Eole and young star L’Hermes de Muze. Bamako had a successful international career before focusing on breeding and becoming one of the best sires in the world.

Replay’s dam is no other than Jeunesse van’t Paradijs, an Emerald daughter. She is not only well known for her successes under Lorenzo de Luca, but also for her success as a broodmare. She is the dam of the incredible Sea Coast Monalisa van’t Paradijs ridden by Gudrun Patteet.

This young stallion shows all of the quality to follow in both his mother and father’s footsteps and he will certainly be one to look out for in the bigger classes later on in his career.

Carthouille Philyra V.V. Z

9 / 9

Perfect Damline!

We recently welcomed Carthouille Philyra V.V. Z to our Stephex Stallions. This fantastic stallion has a pedigree filled with legends. His Dam, the beautiful Gribouille du Lys attended the Rio Olympics with Pilar Lucrecia Cordon, as well as the CHIO Aachen. His father is the one and only Carthago Z, also an Olympian, and a winner of the Aachen, Rotterdam and La Baule Nations Cups.

Capitol I, Quaprice du Bois Margot, Capitano… are all present in the family tree of this incredible stallion.

Welcome to Stephex, Carthouille Philyra V.V. Z!

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Semen procedure

For Hickstead, Erco van’t Roosakker and Scuderia 1918 Tobago Z only frozen semen is sold.
For the stallions Scuderia 1918 Halifax van het Kluizebos, Oak Grove’s Heartthrob, George Z and Telstar De la Pomme both fresh (on demand) and frozen semen will be available. For further information please contact us by mail or telephone.
The price for fresh semen of Scuderia 1918 Halifax van het Kluizebos is €1,200. This total amount is divided into two payments. When ordering, the first payment of €750 will be billed. This price includes three breeding trials. Unless the unsuccessful pregnancy of the mare has been confirmed before the 1st of October, 2022, the remaining €450 will be billed. The final payment must be paid latest by the 1st of October, 2022.
The prices for George Z and Telstar include the fresh semen dose and the in foal fee. You have until the 1st of October, 2022 to send us a certificate from the vet which states that your mare is not in foal. If we don’t receive any certification, we will assume that your mare is in foal and we will not wire back the in foal fee.
The order will be shipped after we have received the payment (the health papers, handling fee and transport costs are excluded in the price). By ordering and purchasing semen, the mare owner declares to have taken note of these conditions and fully agrees with payment conditions and stud fees. The semen is sold by straw when frozen and by doses when fresh.
The client pays the entire cost; no stud fees will be added after covering of the mare. Ordering is at its own risk, Stephex Stallions will not reimburse any costs after the payment if the mare is not covered. For George Z and Telstar you will get back your payment if you meet the predetermined conditions. For Heartthrob, we provide a special arrangement where you get a second chance if you’re mare is not in foal. Contact us for details.
Order procedure

Semen can be ordered by email at or directly with the Stephex Stallions team. The order is only definitive after the client has received the invoice. After receiving the payment, the order will be shipped.
Stephex Stallions cannot be held liable for any problems arising in connection with the shipment of semen by a transport company. In the event of issues, the customer must notify us on the anticipated delivery date.
We work with ERC de Morette, who holds an EU certificate (NB 06/01) and can therefore ship semen both domestically and abroad with the necessary sanitary papers.
To order fresh semen please contact us from Monday to Friday from 7 to 9 am. If you’re interested in a frozen straw you can order from Monday to Friday on all working hours.

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