April 14, 2021

We appreciate the continued trust in our stable by our resident riders

Photo: Camille Sanson-Ribaut

“I have not found a stable before that can compare to the professionality, the spirit and the facilities of Stephex. I’m really glad to be here.”

– Pilar Lucrecia Cordón

Pilar joined Stephex Stables in January 2020 and is based here with her 5 horses and team. “I have known Stephan for many years. We have been talking about me coming there for a long time but somehow it just hadn’t worked out yet until this year. I’m very glad I finally took the step. At Stephex it’s a great mixture of incredible facilities and a great team with an uplifting mentality. I train with Daniel and it’s a good match for me, next to being the incredible rider everyone knows him as he is also a very friendly and down-to-earth person and always there to help if you want to ask him a question! Being based at Stephex versus an own stable brings me a lot of joy and positivity since I get to interact with others and it motivates me to see their training methods; especially after a year of changes with my horses and with the current COVID situation this is very important and keeps me looking forward positively. I’m happy to be here.

Thank you Pilar for your continued loyalty and trust, we are indeed very happy to have you here too! Are you interested in joining Stephex with your string of horses and benefiting from our incredible facilities and training packages? Then contact us now to find out more!

“It’s like being at home but better!

James Wingrave, Rider of MVA Stables

Photo: Veroniek Kindt

“Next to being a sports and trading stable, Stephex Stables also hosts a few selected external teams in their facilities. It is our goal to create an atmosphere of mutual growth and inspiration! “

What impact can a team relocation to Stephex have on your sport and business success? Team Melissa Vardinogiannis is going to provide us an insight into their life at Stephex Stables: How did you initially grow aware of the fact that you could also rent stables at Stephex?

James: “Melissa already had a long-term business relationship with Stephex when it came to the purchase of Horsetrucks and Horses. Thus she was already aware of the professional team and scenic location. When her son Andreas participated in the Young Rider European Championships of 2018 it was Melissa’s wish to find the perfect location to prepare for this great opportunity. Now it has become the ideal addition to our home base in Athens.

What was your first impression when you arrived?

James: “It is definitely a first class facility. The picturesque ambiance really surrounds you when you arrive at Stephex Stables and since everything is being catered for you can fully enjoy it.”

What do you like about the daily life at Stephex Stables?

James: “Stephex Stables is an incredible location and we are very blessed that Melissa makes it possible for us to base here. The facilities were clearly built for animal welfare with broad grasslands and even an own race track so that you can change up the daily training. Moreover, I value that you are surrounded by top riders – it gives you that additional motivational push and inspiration. Everyone is very approachable too, particularly friendly and a positive atmosphere resides at all times! Riding alongside the Stephex Team also comes with the advantage that you see many different horses that are potentially for sale – we take on a few that we like immediately. Currently we own two horses that we bought from Stephex and one that we are leasing!”

What advantages does renting stables with Stephex have versus operating an own facility?

James: “As previously said, training side by side with other highly motivated riders gives you a daily push. Moreover, the facilities are perfectly maintained and we do not have to worry about any of that. Essentially, if you feel the necessity for anything Stephex will make sure you have access to it. Whether it may be a horse, a truck, accommodation, cutting edge technology such as a water treadmill or top level care with an in-house vet. We even have our own Stephex Gym. All of these component parts result in an ideal environment when running an international team with a view to optimising performance. From a rider trainer point of view, aside from the kudos of being attached to Stephex Stables, our team can call upon the very best of assistance from Stephex to satisfy our client.”

When it comes to location, what do you think of Brussels for traveling to shows as well as personal life?

James: “Brussels and Belgium in general is a great location for both national and international horse shows. There is always a show to go to (apart from the current lockdown situation) and Stephex assist us taking part in them with their deeply rooted connections to these horse show organizers! With respect to clients or private life the well developed travel options are very convenient, 15 minutes to an international airport is a dream situation and the cities of Brussels and Antwerp offer a particularly abundance of leisure time opportunities as well as to entertain high class customers and sponsors.

We appreciate the continued trust in our stable by our resident riders Stephex stables

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