May 19, 2021

“The Stephex facility is amazing and has pretty much everything a horse could need”

~ Alex Crown, Client at Stephex Stables

How long have you been competing and how many horses do you currently have?

“I have been competing in the jumpers for 10 years now, since I was 15. Before that I competed in the Hunters Circuit in the USA. I currently have 6 horses.”

How did you first get introduced to the Stephex Team?

“The first time I came to Stephex was 4 years ago. I stabled here for a month during the summer, while my trainer was away at Spruce Meadows (Canada). I have always wanted to spend more time in Europe and after spending a few weeks at a facility like Stephex I was ready to make the move! It has been amazing and I feel so lucky to be based out of such an incredible facility! I moved my horses to Stephex Stables officially in April of 2019.”

Why did you chose Stephex?

“I choose Stephex for a multitude of reasons. The facility is amazing and has pretty much everything a horse could need! I also now train with Lorenzo de Luca, who is part of the Stephex team. So it works very well to be based at the same facility. “

What has been your experience with Stephex until now?

“I’m a full time training client at Stephex. So I train with Lorenzo de Luca as well as with Farid Ladjouan. I make use of nearly all the other services that Stephex has to offer. My horses benefit greatly from using their spa and aqua treadmill. We also are very grateful that Stephex has an on site vet and blacksmith.

What is your favorite place at Stephex?

“Definitely the race track! It’s so beneficial to the horses that they have such a variety of places to work (with 4 outdoor sands ring, a grass field, a massive track and the wood across the street) and to enjoy theirselves (I can’t even count how many paddocks are around the property!).”

What has been your biggest success so far?

“My biggest success was either when I won the 2* Grand Prix’s at Miami Beach and in Madrid; or jumping double clear to help us win the Young Riders Nations Cup in Wellington.”

What are your goals in the sport?

“My immediate goals are to move up to 3*-Level long-term, I would love to jump on senior Nation Cup teams for the United States and try to get as far in the sport as I can!”

Which role has Stephex played so far in your success story?

“Stephex has been a huge part of my journey in this past 3 years. I benefit so much from my training with Lorenzo and getting to be based at a stable with so many incredible riders is incredibly inspiring. I get to see how their riders work and manage their horses, so I try to use every opportunity to learn!

My best horse right now, Doumont, came from Stephex. I had a bad accident last year that took me out of the saddle for many months. Doumont helped me back to the 2*-Level and I’m so grateful to Stephex for bringing him into my life!”

What are your objectives for the upcoming season in Europe after Wellington?

I hope to continue to gain experience in 2*’s and hopefully move up to the 3*-Level this year.”

“The Stephex facility is amazing and has pretty much everything a horse could need” Stephex stables

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