May 2, 2024

Taking over Fontainebleau 🚀

This past weekend, Fontainebleau witnessed fierce competition at the 5* level, with our Stephex riders stepping into the spotlight. Zoé Conter, Daniel Deusser, Kendra Claricia Brinkop, and Petronella Andersson showcased their skill, securing wins and notable placements.

We’ll delve into their performances, highlighting their victories and notable achievements. Join us as we celebrate the success of our riders and the thrilling moments from Fontainebleau’s prestigious event.

On Friday Kendra & Petronella secured the first 2 placements in the 8YO 1.40m finale. Kendra rode a fast round with Lot Sport (Hotspot X Huretta) and rode to a first place in 29.38s. Petronella and Coyotte Pommex Z (Windows Vh Costersveld X Zhalita by Karandasj), bred at our own breeding facilities, secured the second place in only 0,04s difference. A fantastic start to a succesfull weekend. 

On Saturday there was another double win for the Stephex team! This time Daniel & Killer Queen VDM (Eldorado van de Zeshoek x For Pleasure) rode to victory in the CSI5* 1.55m GP Qualifier, delivering a very good and speedy round! The second place was for Kendra & Do It Easy (Vigo Cece x Laeken). 

Zoé & her Tombola Z (Toulon x Dominard) completed the weekend with a 2nd place in the CSI5* 1.50m! 5th place was for Stephex reference Finn Lente with José Maria Larocca. 

We’re immensely proud of our riders and want to thank our team behind the scenes and partners. Without them, this wouldn’t be possible! 

Taking over Fontainebleau 🚀 Stephex stables

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