August 3, 2022

Stephex Team’s and their STX Horsetrucks.

At the home and heart of the STX Horsetrucks, each Stephex team has the luxury of owning their own impressive Horsetruck. While at shows, these horsetrucks are the homebase, the treasure chest, the safe haven for the show grooms of the teams. With a significant amount of time spent on the road and at shows, many teams have developed their own unique ways of packing, unpacking, and maintaining their trucks. We had the great pleasure of chatting with Johanna (the showgroom of Team Kendra) and Sean (the showgroom of Team Daniel) and finding out more about their habits with their STX Horsetrucks.


Do you have a specific system when packing for shows?

Sean: Normally I always do shavings, hay and food at the front, followed by the trunk, freezer, wheelbarrows and horses. I always start from the front, and work back.

Johanna: Our system works very similarly. First shavings and food , and then we work backwards. I have a specific list of what I always need to pack with us. I have had the same list for ages, but I still go through it one by one when I pack. The list is pretty much engraved in my head, but winging it Is not worth the risk of forgetting anything. So the list is at hand, always.

What are your must have items at the show?

S: Horses is one rather important element to remember to pack with. Daniels stuff is another must have. And of course my grooming box. There are some things in there that have never moved, and will never move. For example the number that was taped on First Class at Rio, a piece of his mane that is platted up. His bear which was on his headcollar the whole time is there as well. I am a little bit superstitious. Other mega important thing is my grooming hook.

J: The must must have item to remember to pack with us for a show is a chair. After her round, Kendra needs to be able to sit down, watch her round and have a moment to reflect. Also our massage blankets are very important of course.

How do you organize your Horsetrucks? Are there items that are never unpacked?

S: I have a massive selection of rugs under my trucks: big blankets, small blankets, fly rugs, fleeces, all rugs for at least four horses. We travel to so many different climates it is vital to be prepared for all weather conditions. My Stanley trunk with all show equipment never gets unpacked. I do of course switch out the tack, but the trunk itself never moves.

J: We always have buckets, sponges and blankets in our truck. My grooming stuff, and the chair are also items that never leave the truck. For Kendra, we always have a big stack of boot cream for her to be able to polish her boots and keep them clean and fresh.

What is the furthest you have driven in your truck?

S: Helsinki.

J: Sunshine tour in Spain.

Thank you Johanna and Sean for giving us a little insight into your life with your trucks!

Stephex Team’s and their STX Horsetrucks. Stephex stables

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