March 20, 2020

Good luck Pampero and Mufasa

This week we are saying “See you later, Friend“ to Pampero and Mufasa.

Mufasa and Emilie have grown together immensely during the last three years, moving from 135cm to 155cm classes! Pampero and Emilie look back at one of Emilie’s biggest successes: going clear with just one time fault in the 4* GP in St Tropez last fall!

Whenever we see horses leave, we try to be thankful for the experiences we were able to write together rather than sad to see our chapter coming to an end. We know these two still have a lot of stories to add with their new owners to their book of success.

We wish both Pampero, Mufasa and the new owners all the best and many more memories 

Good luck Pampero and Mufasa Stephex stables

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