November 23, 2020

Become Part of the Stephex Adventure

“Stephex Stables is the perfect base to keep your horses motivated and to create a diverse training program even in fall and winter! I enjoy taking them on the all-weather surface racetrack when it’s not raining or to use the different indoors. With three large indoor riding arenas you can change it up every day!”

These are the words of Daniel Deusser the current number three of the international FEI ranking in the showjumping discipline.

“I have not found a stable before that can compare to the professionality, the spirit and the facilities of Stephex. I’m really glad to be here.” – Pilar Cordon

Pilar Cordon, participant of the European Championships, World Championships and two-times the Olympic Games has based herself at Stephex Stables since January of 2020 with her horses and team. The thoughts of these two incredible riders summarize the atmosphere and spirit of the Stephex Stables.

Pilar Cordon – Image by Camille Sanson-Ribaut

Stephex Stables is now offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for committed riders to rent their own stable and have the same training opportunities as Daniel Deusser, Pilar Cordon, Lorenzo de Luca, and other top riders. The vast facilities and exclusive equipment on offer are provided to all our clients based with us.

Besides the extraordinary outdoor and indoor arenas, as well as several other options to work your horses, our top trainer Farid Ladjouan is at the stable to guide riders at every stage to a higher level in the sport of show jumping.

One thing is guaranteed; the all-round experience you will receive at Stephex Stables cannot easily be matched by any other facility. We provide theperfect balance of performance and pleasure.

Get in touch now and train with the champions:

Become Part of the Stephex Adventure Stephex stables

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