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Carthouille Philyra V.V. Z

  • Birth year 2019
  • Color Dark Grey
  • Studbook Z
  • Approved Z
  • Availability fresh, frozen
  • Height 167 cm
  • Breeder Evelyne Van Vreckom & Pilar Cordon
  • Price €650 / Dose (fresh)
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"Perfect Damline!"

"Perfect Damline!"

"Perfect Damline!"


Carthouille Philyra V.V. Z

We recently welcomed Carthouille Philyra V.V. Z to our Stephex Stallions. This fantastic stallion has a pedigree filled with legends. His Dam, the beautiful Gribouille du Lys attended the Rio Olympics with Pilar Lucrecia Cordon, as well as the CHIO Aachen. His father is the one and only Carthago Z, also an Olympian, and a winner of the Aachen, Rotterdam and La Baule Nations Cups.

Capitol I, Quaprice du Bois Margot, Capitano… are all present in the family tree of this incredible stallion.

Welcome to Stephex, Carthouille Philyra V.V. Z!


Capitol I
Capitano Folia
Calando I Kerrin
Gribouille du Lys
Quaprice Bois Margot
Quidam de Revel Wella I
Prunelle du Lys
About Carthouille Philyra V.V. Z

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