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Successful weekend in Wellington

23 February 2019


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Results from the weekend 22nd-23rd of February 2019



CSI5* Wellington, USA

The Stephex horses are performing well under the sun in Wellington! Our own Petronella Andersson was 6th in the $ 36.000 1.45 together with Finally Z. Lorenzo de Luca had a successful Sunday and was placed 2nd with Evita van't Zoggehof and 6th with Soory de L'hallali in the $ 72.000 1.50 class after a very fast jump off, only beaten by world number 2, Mclain Ward, by 0.26 seconds.

On Saturday night Kent Farrinton was placed 6th in the $ 391.000 Gran Prix riding Creedance


CSIO5* Abu Dhabi, UAE

In Abu Dhabi, UAE, Hoepala vh Daalhof was placed 13th with her rider Janakabhorn Karunayadhaj in the € 93.300 1.50 class during the CSIO5*. 


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