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From New York to St Tropez

29 April 2019


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Results from the weekend

26th - 28th of April



CSI5* New York

In Fridays $ 71.200 1.55m jump off class it's a win for Stephex Stables reference Toulago ridden by Adrienne Sternlicht.

Another reference, Creedance, ridden by Kent Farrington wad placed 12th in the $ 400.000 1.60m Grand Prix on Sunday.



CSI4* / 2* St Tropez, France

Petronella Andersson started off the weekend in a good way by being placed 8th in the € 15.000 1.45m class together with Doryane HDH.

On Saturday Zoe Conter and Univers du Vinnebus were placed 5th in the € 15.000 1.50m class. In the same class Petronella Andersson took the 8th placed riding Doryane HDH and Emilie Conter the 9th place riding Clochard

In the € 25.000 1.45m jump off class Petronella Andersson was placed 2nd after a double clear together with Finally Z. In the same class Stephex Stables reference Finn Lente was placed 9th, ridden by Josè Maria (jr) Larocca and Zoe Conter ended up in 10th place riding Dolitaire Chavannaise.



CSI3* Coapexpan, Mexico

On Friday Stephex Stables reference Happiness van't Paradijs won the $ 26.000 1.45m class ridden by Salvador Oñate.





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