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Results of 30/11 - 03/12

04 December 2017


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Our riders and horses really showed how it's done, last weekend in Paris. 

Daniel Deusser got 9th place on Thursday in the CSI5*, 1.45 with Tobago Z. On Friday, he competed with Cornet d'Amour in the CSI5*, 1.50 where the duo ended fifth. Saturday, Daniel and Tobago got fifth place in the CSI5* 1.50 after two clear rounds. To top it all off, our #DoubleD won the Longines Grand Prix with Cornet d'Amour! 

Lorenzo de Luca competed on Friday with Limestone Grey in the CSI5* 1.50 class, where they got third place. On Saturday, Lorenzo and Jeunesse were part of the European Team in the Riders Masters Cup, where they won. 

Petronella Andersson competed in the CSI2* 1.45 on Friday with Eclatant, where the duo won third place. On Saturday, the same couple won third place in the CSI2* 1.45 class. 

Zoe Conter also took part in the CSI2* 1.45 class on Friday, where she got sixth place with Zeta di Sabuci. 



CSI5* 1m45 Table A - Price Money  €7.500

9th. D. Deusser / Tobago Z



CSI5* 1m50 Table C - Price Money  €100.000

2nd. K. Staut / Ayade De Septon Et Hdc

3rd. L. de Luca / Limestone Grey 


CSI5* 1m50 Table A with Jump-Off - Price Money  €24.600

5th. D. Deusser / Cornet d'Amour

10th. K. Farrington / Creedance


CSI2* 1m45 Table A with Jump-off - Price Money  €24.600

3rd. P. Andersson / Eclatant 

6th. Z. Conter / Zeta di Sabuci 



CSI5* 1m45 - 1m50 Two Rounds - Price Money  €250.000

1st. K. Staut / Ayade De Septon Et Hdc

1st. L. de Luca / Jeunesse Van 't Paradijs


CSI5*  1m50 Table A with Jump-Off - Price Money  €24.600

5th. D. Deusser / Tobago Z


CSI2* 1m45 Table A - Price Money  €24.600

3rd. P. Andersson / Eclatant 

4th. K. Chad / Carona



CSI5*  1m60 Grand Prix Table A with Jump-Off - Price Money  €300.000

1st. D. Deusser / Cornet d'Amour 

2nd. S. Delestre / Hermes Ryan

12th. K. Farrington / Creedance


CSI2* 1m45 Grand Prix Table A with Jump-Off - Price Money  €24.600

1st. K.  Chad / Carona



CSI4* 1m50 Table A with Jump-off - Price Money  €29.400

5th. S. Horn / Lilly Fee



CSI4* 1m55 Grand Prix Two Round - Price Money  €47.365

2nd. M. Baryard-Johnsson / H&M Indiana 



CSI1* 1m40 Grand Prix Table A with Jump-Off - Price Money  €10.000

4th. C. Carvalho Filho / Cheindira


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