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Results of 12/10 - 15/10

16 October 2017


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Emilie Conter qualified herself for the GP on Saturday in Oslo thanks to an 8th place in the 1.40 with Chim Champ. In the 2* GP she did a great job and finished 4th with Salto des Casty.

Zoe Conter also was in top condition. On Friday she finished 9th in the 1.50 with Zeta di Sabuci, which qualified her for the GP. Sunday was even better. First she finished 6th with Soory de l’Hallali in the 1.50 class. Later that day, she had her World Cup début and she finished 13th with Zeta, a very promising result!

Daniel Deusser is totally ready for the indoor season, as he showed off in Oslo. On Friday he finished 10th with Tobago Z in the 1.40 class. On Saturday he won the 5* GP with Tobago Z, who never competed a 5* GP before!  Also on Saturday, he finished second with Cornet d’Amour in the 1.45 class. To top it off, Daniel won the first leg of the Longines FEI World Cup with Cornet 39.

Meanwhile in Opglabbeek,  Belgium, Alexandre Sueur became 4th with De Flipper and Petronella Andersson became 5th with Eclatant, in the same GP qualifier class on Saturday. 




CSI5* 1m40 Two Phases 

5th. A. Cheronnet / Atlantys By Wisbecq (e.t.)



CSI5* 1m40 Table A

10th. D. Deusser / Tobago Z


CSI5* 1m50 Table A

9th. Z. Conter / Zeta di Sabuci



CSI5* 1m50- 1m60 GP Table A with Jump-Off

1st. D. Deusser / Tobago Z


CSI5* 1m45 Table A

2nd. D. Deusser / Cornet d'Amour


CSI2* 1m45 GP Table A with Jump-Off

4th. E. Conter / Salto des Casty



CSI5* 1m40-1m60 World Cup Table A with Jump-Off

1st. D. Deusser / Cornet 39

2nd. K. Staut / For Joy Van't Zorgvliet Hdc


CSI5* 1m50 Table A with Jump-Off

6th. Z. Conter / Soory de l'Hallali






CSI3* 1m45 Table A

5th. L.Sabino Gonçalves / Acheo Di San Patrignano






CSI3* 1m40 - 1m45 Nations Cup

2nd. J. Dallamano / Hoepala Vh Daalhof






CSI2* 1m45 Table A with Jump-Off

4th. A. Sueur / De Flipper

5th. P. Andersson / Eclatant


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